Purposeless Issue by Jiratchaya Pripwai

Purposeless Issue by Jiratchaya Pripwai
Dr. Toeingam Guptabutra

Jiratchaya started her drawing with a line by black pen on blank canvas, it was a continuous line from one side to another of the canvas. She started it with no expectation, whether it can lead to any stories or any pictures. With no expectation to be successful, she had only her hand for drawing intentionally, focusing on line thinness, continuous movement and the curve of that line. Next, she started the second line beneath the first one, she used the space from the first to determine the probabilities of the second, the third, the forth and so on, until she realized that she had to change the size of the black pen to be different one, then she repeated it again. Continuously, the canvas was covered by blacked lines in a variety of sizes, hence, the audiences’ comments are sense of calmness and meditation from picture of sheer fabric with sweet flutter wave.

The purposeless of drawing in the beginning became the content of Jiratchaya’s artwork concept. Her mind, eyes and hand focused on the drawing, with mindfulness and meditation in every stroke. This may be considered not slightly different from a walking meditation, that a person’ mindfulness and meditation focused on walking pace, in addition, your time is on your own and you can explore your mind. It’s like Jiratchaya is telling us that purposeless can lead to insight exploration of oneself and drawing is the result of that exploration.

For the picture on the canvas, whether it looked like fabric or something else, what we should focus on are two reasons; first, it seems like the lines drawing by Jiratchaya are destined for her decision, the first line is with purposeless when she was drawing on the blank and she is the one who explored her and our feeling together.

Second, drawing with purposeless became the little adventure for Jiratchaya in every single day. Sometimes our lives need variety of adventures, whether individually or with companion, at the same time, however we may encounter some smaller situation in daily life, during working or studying, we may learn and explore new things, academic adventure, or shortly we may just want to have some adventures in our secret world. Obviously, Jiratchaya had an adventure inside her secret world, which she could leave other chaotic things in daily life behind. And when she was ready to come back to reality, what she gained from that inside world may be applied to her life, so she can live more happily and peacefully.